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bo gyllander bo gyllander
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Hello, what would you advice me to think of if I will manage to take 180degrees panos indoor. The room is 15 × 9 meters and its covered by paintings from floor to celing. It´s a museum of art. I would also try to take a 360 pano.
I have an Epic pro and lenses from 17mm up to 200mm. It would be nice to zoom into the paintings whith high resolutions.

Terry Foss Terry Foss
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Bo, A longer lens will give you greater detail when zoomed in, but will require more images to cover the full 180 (0r 360).

You might want to position your camera at about the middle height of the paintings to minimize angle shifts.


bo gyllander bo gyllander
Total Posts: 11

Hi, This is a test I made some weeks ago. Used Epic pro whith Canon 1ds mkll. the lens was 70-200. My idea was to create a realy sharp pano, showing details in every painting. I took about 100 expos and this is the result. The room is about 15x 8 meters. Could I have some advice to go further on whith better qualitet?

Terry Foss Terry Foss
Total Posts: 16

Bo, were you shooting at 200? If not try one at 200. Otherwise, can you borrow a longer lens? Or move closer and do the room in several images.

You basically want each image to be as close up on any painting as possible, and have more images to tile for the final image.

Richard Palmer Richard Palmer
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Can you please repost a link to your initial rsult of your panorama from your 5 March post?
I have photographed paintings, and other artwork, in museums. I used an early Beta version of the original Epic, modified to fit a larger P&S camera (Canon S5 IS – 8MP). I try to set up as close to the middle of the gallery as possible if making a 180 or 360, otherwise, I concentrate on specific images, or sets of images. Here are a few links to gigapans I took a few years ago, at the Hawaii State Art Museum (with permission).

736 frames 360 177mm equivalent
468 frame 360 144mm equivalent
299 imaages 436mm equivalent

I wish I had your gear then!


bo gyllander bo gyllander
Total Posts: 11

Hi Terry and Richard.
Great panos, Richard. Can you tell a beginner some good advise about stiching and choose of lenses?
My pano is deleted and I´ll try to take some of better qualitet